Rudeness Guilliani

Dear cranky girl in black,

When the jeepney driver asked you "Saan ka sa Ayala?," he was trying to help you. You didn't have to say "Basta ibaba n'yo ako sa Ayala!" in a manner that made you look like bitching jeepney drivers is the only thing you're good at.

That's all. Please find old tapes of Batibot so you'll learn how to treat a kapitbahay na laging handang tumulong sa iyo better.

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Leah said...

dear elvin,

i see you've been blogging in "dear john" format. i think it's unique. i think it's so elvinque. there, i've invented a word. well, at least i think i invented it. it sounds funny in a not-so-funny way.

i have a makati cbd map. in fact, i have a pretty detailed metro manila map even. i just thought you'd like to know.

Elvin said...

thanks for the new word.

ps. are you the cranky girl in black?