There's Something About Merry

Dear Christmas lovers,

Well well welll, one more week and it's December. Few more weeks and it's Christmas. Christmas today isn't as Christmas-y as it used to. I remember when I was young, back there on the farm, Christmas comes as early as September 1. And that's a rural area! No christmas lights in the streetlamps (and we have no streetlamps too, haha), no christmas streamers and billboards from politicians, no malls with Christmas decors (and manipulative "sale" seasons). But we feel Christmas as soon as we tear the calendar's August page.

Maybe it's just me growing old. Maybe I've grown busier that I have no more time to feel what it is that needed to be felt.

Or maybe, it's because, to me, Christmas has gone faker and faker. (Faker, as an adjective, is not a word. It's a fake word)

Christmas used to be simple then. It used to follow all the cheesy messages on my lolo's "Pasko ng mga bituin" vinyl (Kahit hindi pasko ay magbigayan, et al). Cheesy but simple and without pretentions. Christmas used to be all about what we need. You know. Loving, sharing, giving and all sissy words Jackson 5 used to sing about. It used to be as simple as being nice to your siblings or starting to care about your neighbors even just for those four -ber months.

And now what do we have? Fake trees? Fake poinsettias? Fake snow? Fake people? What do we need snows and mistletoes and snowmans for? Why is Nina singing about chestnuts, open fires, jack frosts, folks dressed up like eskimos and turkeys?

So that's why I haven't been feeling Chritmas lately.

It's because we lost our own Christmas. We don't have our own Christmas anymore.

That's all for now. Remember that November has only 30 days so it's ok to tear the November page off the calendar after November 30.

Stop trying to create snow out of styros,



meganyoung said...

aba, mukhang malalim ang pinaghugutan nito a =D

by the way, i hate nina. kyla forever! =)

Elvin said...

i can't scroll down sa blog mo. it keeps calling me a silly rabbit.

Elvin said...

and yeah... kyla forever. haha.

TwistedHalo said...

konti nga xmas lights sa ayala avenue! (konek!) :D naghihirap na talaga mga pilipino.

Bernizzya said...

Do mine eyes deceive me? A sentimental, nostalgic and indignant elvin? Either you're mellowing with age or Christmas in Manila is really getting "faker".

O ayan, I read your blog also. Hehe. To o-ren geller, i hate Nina too, with a vengeance.

caramel cream said...

"manipulative "sale" season"????

poor "kinda" sad elvin. have you forgotten where you're coming from?

or a change of heart perhaps. hehe

no matter the deceptions around, Christmas is still Christmas. Stick with your lolo's "Pasko ng mga Bituin" and to all the things that we really need. You said it--loving, sharing, and giving. Sing with the Jackson 5 and continue being nice to your siblings. and to your friends.

kinda sad ka nga tsk tsk =)

Elvin said...

auntie twisted: alam ko kung bakit konti na lang. ask me.

bernice: yeah everything is faker, ate clau. Hehe.

emman: kaya pala ayaw mo si nina. kasi mukha s\iyang christmas.

caramel: i'm trying.

meganyoung said...

di na kasi pwedeng magright click =) para di ma-lift yung text and photos

TwistedHalo said...

auntie twisted: alam ko kung bakit konti na lang. ask me.

ok. bakit konti na lang?

Elvin said...

cy: ok, na. :-) i used a different browser. dati kasi pati scroll bars ayaw ma left click.

auntie: kasi yung funds allotted dun ipapamigay na lang sa mga needy makati residents this new year. :-)