About Me

Hello my name is Elvin and this is where I blog.

I was born in Isabela in northern Philippines, where I spent my entire childhood and half my teen years. At age 16, I moved to Metro Manila to study, and Quezon City has been a temporary home since. I still go home to our small town whenever I can.

I am currently working in Makati, doing public relations for a telecom company. And since this is my personal blog, views expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of my company and its management (the company's views are better written and meticulously refined, unlike mine).

I mostly write about living and surviving in the city, my hometown, my nostalgic feelings, even though it makes me uncomfortable talking about myself (like what I'm doing now). I also enjoy writing about pop culture, especially local mainstream music, television and cinema. I am also a fan of technology, especially tech that's within the masses' reach. I believe technology should be for everyone.

My work history includes a number of writing jobs, so I guess I can rightly claim that i'm a writer. I have written children's literature, trivia questions for TV quiz shows, news articles, court case summaries, advertising headlines, bumper stickers, service terms and conditions, promo mechanics and fine prints, user guides and manuals, customer support spiels, executive speeches and statements, official press releases and advisories, online content, event and video scripts, movie and TV reviews, social media policies, jokes, and many more. If you Google my name, you'll see some of my articles on websites like Pep, CNN, and Rappler.

My dream life is a life of minimalism, productivity, and a lot of reading, record-playing and retro gaming. Disclaimer: this changes every time.

I try to tweet useful things daily, via twitter handle @elvinelvinelvin. That's what I use for Instagram too.

That's it, I guess. Thanks for reading.