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New Restaurant Alert: Ji Fan Lah, Mayon Avenue QC

I'm always thrilled whenever new businesses open near where we live (especially when they're food-related haha), and I am always more than happy to support them especially if they offer good products and provide good service.

Besides, it's always better to have mom-and-pop alternatives to the giant businesses backed by the usual corporations. 

A week ago, I spotted this new hainanese chicken place in the neighborhood called Ji Fan Lah (Authentic Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice). It's along Mayon Avenue in Quezon City, in the building right across McDonald's at the intersection of Mayon and Dapitan street. The signs say they have P99 hainanese chicken rice set - much cheaper than than the P150-P300 sets sold in malls and other big-name restaurants I've tried. Naturally, we tried it.

The place looks just like a converted apartment so it has this hole-in-the-wall feel, which I like. The signs inside the restaurant promises authentic Singapore hainanese chicken recipe. We got the P99 rice and chicken set, and it actually exceeded my expectations. The poached chicken is well-cooked yet still juicy and flavorful - without the lansa normally associated with white chicken dishes. And the rice - it really delivered on the authenticity promise. My only complaint is just the serving is too small for me. But you can get extra hainanese chicken rice for a few pesos more.

A quick check online and I've learned that they actually have a branch in Banawe, but I'm not sure if that's still open. They also have a Facebook page, and I learned through it that they actually make their own ginger sauce from scratch.

Aside from the traditional chicken, Ji Fan Lah also offers other Singaporean restaurant staples such as kaya toast and Milo Dinosaur. Their entire menu is really that simple but it works, nonetheless, especially when you're the type of diner who knows what they're in there for.

So there. I haven't got much to say haha. But I will definitely be back. Again, it's nice to have these alternatives around, especially whenever I'm tempted to get fried chicken from the fast food joint right across.