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Why it's not too easy to relax during a massage, explained through stock photos

Getting a massage is awkward. Being in a cold, dark room, being kneaded by a stranger while almost naked is hardly a perfectly relaxing situation. But last night, I fell asleep on a massage chair, while getting a "one-hour foot reflexology." I felt relaxed, and when I got home, I enjoyed a full 8-hour, uninterrupted sleep.

This got me thinking - full-body, oily, mattress massage doesn't have that effect on me. I think I'm more of a dry, massage chair kind of guy, and I kinda know why. Full-body, unclothed massages don't get me in that relaxed zen state, because my brain just wouldn't shut up. These are some of the things that it makes me think, with my head voice drowning out the spa's flowing water/chirping birds/rustling leaves mood music: