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ASEAN long weekend mayhem

My ASEAN long break is a flop. I had things planned to make it productive, enjoyable, and relaxing, but I caught the flu, and I again, have been visited by my recurring kuliti. This sty always pops out at the worst possible time. Two months ago, I had it, while on vacation, in Taipei. So maybe it just likes hanging out with me whenever I do not have work. Or is this my body telling me that It actually loves working. I don’t know.

As a last-ditch effort to have a relaxing week-long break, I went to see a movie, by myself. I liked being surprised by watching movies that I have absolutely no idea what’s it about, so I picked Mayhem. Apparently, not too many people know of it cause it was just me inside the cinema. A couple entered about five minutes into the movie, which puts the movies total gross for that screening a staggering 783 pesos. 

Was the movie relaxing? Traditionally, no, but knowing my taste in movies, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I felt relaxed. I just recently saw The Belko Experiment (another great movie) and they’re quite similar, but the workplace in Mayhem is obviously more fun.

The movie, starring that Asian guy in The Walking Dead, is about an entire workplace building that’s been suddenly quarantined because the occupants caught a virus that makes them lose their inhibitions and release their most repressed feelings. Needless to say, office politics becomes bloody and extemely crazy. The infection is indicated by sudden redness in the eye (and I watched it with a kuliti) and the characters’ occasional rubbing of their eyes makes me empathize with them loljk.

I like the film’s quick pacing and witty storytelling. No groundbreaking story or earthshaking plot twist, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s a gore movie, but It’s funny and thrilling. Plus, it gives a light and thought provoking message at the end too. This is not a movie review. I’m just trying to say things beyond “I enjoyed it a lot” which is my sole point, really. Movie reviews are useless, since a movie experience is personal and only you can tell if a film is good for you or not. So watch whatever you want no matter what the critics or the audience ratings say.

So anyway, personally, I loved it. Very timely too since we’re all going back to work tomorrow. And I have this kuliti.