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It's getting serious

Dear Mrs. Arrovo,

I'm pissed. But not visibly pissed. You know what I mean? I'm pissed but I don't want them to see that I am. Maybe you're pissed too, Mrs. Arrovo. My piece of advice, don't fire the mint people or the proofreaders of 100 peso bills. Cause that will create a precedence and your people who want out will find an easy and convenient way of resigning. The kind of bailing out without the drama of Hyatt 10 proportions. They'll simply misspell your name and they're back to being citizens whoever.

Anyway, I'm pissed because of what I read in the papers this morning. You see, unlike normal people, the first things I read in the papers are the ads and the press releases. One of them reports that one lucky bastard just won 5 million pesos just by downloading a java game. Why can't I have that luck? Why?

That's it for now Mrs. Arrovo. Remember to buy Wings while supplies of the libreng eleganteng platito last.

Eat ube ice cream at least once a month,


Dear Mr. Yap,

Ok, ok. Some people are telling me that I've been to angry, or too sad, or depressed lately. So here's something funny. It's about you, mr.YAP. Didn't you send me this text yesterday?:

Congrat'S! U'r cell#Won
2nd prize P1M.frm
ng PILIPINAS foundation
series 2005
4mor nfo.call
imediatly, my.YAP
Mr.YAP, Congratulations! you have just won a free lesson re: how to use your and you're. YOUR is used to state ownership (ex. YOUR STUPIDITY) while YOU'RE is a contraction of YOU ARE (ex. YOU ARE STUPID)
And tell me Mr. Yap. What exactly is BANGKO SENTRAL ng PILIPINAS foundation?
Also, DTI-NCR permits have 4 digits. And is BSP selling things now (like PBB voting cards) that they need permit from the DTI?
And lastly mr.YAP, you texted the wrong person. You texted me, someone whose job last week was to write info materials about hoax text messages, exactly like yours. So I know what to do with text messages like yours and I know where to report people like you.
That's all. Remember that what you're doing is so wrong. And remember to thank me for not posting your number.
Make sure orange looks good on you,