Friday, February 3, 2017

Girls on TV

I had the chance to interview Nia Sanchez and Olivia Jordan, Miss USA from 2014 and 2015 respectively. They were here as PLDT and Smart's special correspondent for the 65th Miss Universe pageant. Please watch the clip above, where a bit of my face is shown, and my awkward giggling is occasionally heard. It's always nice to talk to people from TV!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The first book I ever read

I cannot explain the rush I felt when I spotted this book while looking through the shelves and racks at National Book Store. Mga Unang Hakbang sa Pagbasa literally was the first book I read, ever (read the words, not just looked at the pictures, etc.). Of course, back then it didn't have the english subtitle and it still carried the old Tagalog alphabet (the Abakada). But the cover design looks the same today. Even the paper it's printed on feels like it's the 1980s.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Color Purple

Have you ever had that feeling when, after paying, say a taxi driver, you question whether you gave him one hundred peso bill, or you just gave him his day's boundary by inadvertently giving him one thousand (keep the change). But then, there's nothing you can do cause the taxi already sped off, and there you are, just looking at your wallet, feeling panicky cause you know (or you FEEL) that the cash you're holding is kulang yata. You remember the last time you withdraw, you do mental math, and you try heart to keep your credit-debit in check.

Well I have. Several times. Maybe a lot of other people have too. The color of the newer 100 peso bills are now a little more on the ube side, a change from the P1000 doppelganger blue it used to have.

Thank you Bangko Sentral for doing this. I trust that you also recognize that there is that P50-P20 color confusion problem too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Watching Miss Saigon and Eating Too Much Ice Cream (Because Life is Like a Dream)

When I was in grade school, our Sibika at Kultura textbook had a section about Filipino achievers that we should be proud of, and in that section was Lea Salonga (along with Cecile Licad, Gabriel "Flash" Elorde, etc). It was at the end of the textbook so our class never really got to cover this. But since I read everything when I was a kid (understand that it was pre-Internet and my attention span was unadulterated), I caught the Lea Salonga part and it got me curious because she's the only young person in the list. 

I didn't know what Miss Saigon was. I thought Lea won a beauty contest abroad. The textbook description was very brief and broad and you can't really expect these books to publish photos of actresses playing bar girls. Also, unlike Wikipedia, you cannot click on words on textbooks to get context clues or dig deeper into the subject (excuses).

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Fault in our Stars

It started out quite normally - the Uber Pool ride. I was first to get on the car and I offered the expected pleasantries.

"Good evening po," I said. "Good evening sir," he greeted back. 

It's in the good human being code - to be nice and polite to everyone and to not be a burden to anyone. But if you're an Uber rider, you go the extra mile for the stars. Five stars, no less. A couple of fours would drag your rating down, and some threes could easily relegate you to the circle of the riders from hell who deserve being ignored, rejected or cancelled.