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Instant Ichiran, Instant Fun

I bought this box of instant Ichiran Ramen Kit from an Asian mart that recently opened in the neighborhood. I picked it up without much thought, as I assumed it just costs the same as the Hong Kong-made Nissins Ramen pouches sitting beside it on the shelf. I was wrong. 

So the said Asian mart sells this good for two box for Php750 - more expensive than a bowl of Ramen Nagi! Because I am a man of colossal pride and ego (no I am not), I just pretended I was expecting it to be that expensive and nonchalantly scanned their G Cash QR code.

Nonetheless, I hurried home so I could have another taste of Ichiran, since this pandemic has long been stopping us from going to countries with real Ichiran joints. I brought down my pots, flipped the box, saw that the instructions do not have English translations, felt I was too lazy to decipher them, then just stowed away the box of instant Ichiran and ordered Grab Food instead.

But today, I felt I have the time to decipher the instructions. And to my (non) surprise, I discovered I was just overreacting and thus the feeling of being overwhelmed, the first time I read the box. Turned out, the instructions were so easy to follow. Let’s thank the Japanese’ love for visual instructions.

I made Ichiran ramen in about 7 minutes. Finished it in about 3. (Food preparation and consumption time ratio is not fair).

Here’s what the ramen kit for two servings looks like inside:

Nice and neat, typical of any Japanese product. Love the aesthetic haha.

To make this ramen, you just have to boil about two cups of water and put the beautiful noodles in. You can watch the noodle sticks go limp and settle in the water like they’re enjoying a warm bath. So relaxing.

After 2 to 3 minutes (depends on how you want your noodles to turn out. Obviously, if you want thin and firm, do not overcook), remove the pot from the heat and then simply pour the liquid soup base. And that’s it. It’s done.

It’s sad. I know. So based on the packaging, you may add some meat and chopped spring onions too. I don’t have any of that so I just fried some Purefoods Chicken Ham and placed it as toppings for that artisanal effect lol. Then I sprinkled a bit of that spicy orange powder.

My verdict. The noodles remained true to its real Ichiran texture and taste, despite me overcooking it a bit (I was frying ham while boiling so I panicked). And that soup. So rich and thick and tasty. Of course it doesn’t have that satisfying pork grease but it’s enough to whet my craving.

I finished it right away, and after slurping the final strands of noodles and the last drops of soup, I realized I have eggs in the fridge. Eggs that could have made my instant ramen less lonely.

Good thing this kit comes with two sets.


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