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Elvin's Greatest Christmas Eve Traditions

It's 30 minutes before Christmas! Christmas 2020, as we all know, has most of us locked in isolation due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. I am currently alone in the apartment, celebrating Christmas eve the way I can lol. I was planning on going crazy on GrabFood, ordering sushi and lechon but by dinner time, the app had already shut down its Grabfood operations. Understandable. The riders have families to come home to.

Foodpanda saved the day, but only Jollibee was open for orders. So may I present to you, my Christmas eve dinner:

Not in photo - my Selecta Solo Pack Ice Cream Buco Salad flavor (it's called solo pack so I assume it's ok to finish the whole tub by myself) -- everything enjoyed alone while watching cartoons on Netflix. (Clarence really is an underrated show)

One realization - My Christmas eve this year isn't really too different from the way I celebrated it in the past years. We're not big Christmas eve celebrators as a family. In fact, we're not used to doing noche buena.

And so I tracked my December 24 photos in my cloud storage, and they just confirmed that my Christmas eve celebrations in the past were as boring as this year's, so that could be the reason I don't feel sad haha.

Let's have a rundown of my activities in the past years.

My folder's oldest Christmas eve memory was in 2013. I don't even remember what's going on here, but this is my room in Isabela, and of course, it's the place frequented by the cats. So fun.

In 2014, I spent Christmas eve on a Victory Liner bus to Isabela with strangers.

And then in 2015, wearing the same shirt I wore in 2014, I had a VCD movie marathon of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Look how thrilled I was.

2016... I have no idea why I didn't take any photo other than this pad thai picture.

In 2017, I was a chance passenger at Victory Liner. I made it that night. So once again, I spent Christmas eve on the bus and the bus conductor gave us peanuts and chocolates. So festive.

In 2018, again my cloud drive doesn't have photos from the actual Christmas eve, but It does have videos of our adorable pets, both no longer with us, rest in peace.

And finally, 2019. Last year's Christmas eve was spent playing Mario Kart.

So there. My Christmas eve tradition throughout the years. 

It's Christmas in a few minutes, so that only means one thing. It's time to sleep.