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Analyzing my college notepad

When you're old and boring like me, you probably do find joy in spending your long weekends cleaning the house and throwing out things. I just attempted a spring cleaning session today, but it wasn't successful. The reason? I ended up looking through lots and lots of things that brought back a lot of memories lol. I found a time capsule - an entire box of college scraps and junk that I kept, for reasons only my young self knows. I mean, who keeps used AA batteries, stacks of used Smart load cards, and old pens? 

On this photo, there are several clues on the era this box is from. Most notable are:

1. Pencil on upper right corner - the Philippine Daily Inquirer's website is still www.inq7.net.
2. Microcassettes from Miranda Bookshop priced at P64.50
3. Smart Prepaid is still called Smart Buddy
4. And the most telling, look at the cost of watching a movie at SM North EDSA -- P40.00

When we all have the time haha, I shall be showing some of the contents of this box one by one. But for now, let's focus on the notepad I used, probably in the latter half of my college years. I did have real notebooks for classes, but I have often enjoyed carrying pocket sized notepads that I can use for quick scribbles. 

So this one is a Best Buy notepad from National Bookstore. I'm guessing I got this from one of the student events they sponsored.

Japanese horror were all the rage back then and we first saw Ringu (The Ring) in one of our Humanities classes. I got hooked, of course, and I went on to write my very brilliant versions of it:

This page meanwhile contains my notes from a Political Science class. I have no idea if this was ever useful to me. But it does give a hint that I do pay attention in class. Look at this masterpiece:

I wrote texts as notes too just like this page from an Art Studies class. And then I think I went back to scribbling. At least for this one, I have retained knowledge about Battleship Potemkin and 400 Blows. I was such an artsy kid.

I remember this phase as the years I am starting to work on my grown-up signature. My signature doesn't look like that anymore so I think, it's safe to post this?

This page, I can't even explain. German scholar Wolfgang Iser, the Channel V logo, and punk rock band Sum 41 (a college favorite too, heh) alliterations on one page. And then something like a sample shading for a multiple choice exam. Young self, is this a call for help?

I won't be posting the rest, cause that would be exposing myself too much. But let me just make a quick note in case there are kids seeing this. Kids, during our time, we don't have devices to exchange instant messages with. So we used our notebooks and notepads to write messages like these:

Well, in a way, I thank my young self for being a hoarder of mundane stuff, that I get to see stuff like this. These are useless things now, but for a few moments, they all sparked joy in me so I apologize to Mari Kondo if I cancel my Konmari session today.

I guess I'll just have to do it on the net long weekend? Or next year?


Auntie TwistedHalo said...

Hoyyyyy nagbo-blog ka pa rin pala! So may tinapon ka na ba mula sa drawer na yan? Hehe.