One Book A Month Assignment (OBAMA) - January: Slam

The cover made sure I see the disclaimer: ADVANCE UNCORRECTED PROOF - NOT FOR RESALE. At first I thought, "How exciting! It's just like proofreading Hornby!". But then I thought, "What If Hornby changed the ending in the final proof?". Besides, am I not doing too much proofreading at work already? Haha. But anyway, I still read it.

SLAM by Nick Hornby easily became one of my favorite books. It still possesses the qualities of Hornby writing that I like, like using people and things that we actually see/hear/experience in real life like Tony Hawk, Pop Idol, Deal or No Deal, Coke, Green Day, Robbie Williams, David Beckham, Rufus Wainwright, etc., and the presence of what seems to me as the character present in all his novels - the non-traditional young mom with the uncanny (yet good) way of raising her kid. Also evident is his mastery of being credible and convincing in any point of view, as exhibited in the multi-character A Long Way Down. This time, it's teenager Sam who's telling his story through his words.

Hornby makes the imperfect people so much appealing, and their lives, so colorful and interesting, that you just want to be a part of their lives. Instead of judging their crooked ways, you'll find yourself rooting for them, wanting them to succeed and prove the non-believers wrong, maybe because we all see a little of us in them.

This is one book I can read over and over again. To me, other than the "than/then" misspelling on page 171, this advance proof is perfect.


Clayman said...

Nice ang story? Buti ka pa, naka-one book a month na. :)

Elvin said...

Yes the story was very nice, kala ko di ako makakarelate but I was wrong. Lol.

Gelli Bean said...

Medyo pambata lang ng konti no? Pero kakatuwa. :D

Elvin said...

Which made it an easy read, I think haha. But I like that style. Parang yung Curious Incident of the dog in the nighttime. :)