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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Did you notice? I think this Valentine's Day being in the same day as Chinese New Year made everybody so confused. Not that I went out today and saw confusion, haha. I stayed home because I feel sick until this very minute. (I remember being on sick leave too during Valentine's last year. It's a tradition haha). See, the TV shows can't decide whether to come up with Valentine's Day specials or New Year specials. So that sums up my Valentine's day. TV. Oh and noodles too LOL.

So let it be known that this is my Chinese New Year post. And today, we are doing the great taste test of that Lucky Me Malunggay noodle! (Sick at home = instant noodles).

I am a big fan of malunggay. Long before Loren Legarda became the spokeswoman of the tree with leaves that resemble those of the acacia's, my family has been using it on corn soups, monggo, tinola, beans, and even on this ilocano dish called inabraw. In grade school, our teachers would often cook us lugaw with nothing but these leaves. And we will be happy little children.

Whenever my father comes here to the city to visit us, it has always been my request for him to bring malunggay leaves from his garden (or the neighbor's and realtives' gardens). Those leaves just taste... different. It has a certain taste and flavor that I cannot describe exactly. One time, I even tried malunggay pan de sal I saw at the supermarket.

Ok I think that has already established how much I like malunggay. I'll stop. Haha.

So when I saw Lucky Me's ad about their malunggay enriched noodles, I told myself I have to try it. And so here I am on a Valentine's Day Chinese New Year Celebration, eating instant noodles. What, noodles are traditional chinese food. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

The noodles being green, didn't discourage me at all. I think the color made it even more appetizing to me. I like green! (P.S. But this May 2010, we should all be yellow.)

What the ads didn't tell us, is that, it isn't malunggay-flavored as most of us would tend to think. I know some of us will find that disgusting. But Lucky Me's N-Rich Instant Mami with malunggay is just that - with malunggay. It's not Lucky Me N-Rich Instant Malunggay Mami. Actually it is chicken-tinola flavored. And you'll be surprised that it indeed tastes like tinola. But with noodles, instead of, those thing we put in tinola. And did I mention that it has little bits of malunggay? LOL.

The verdict - It's surprisingly delicious. And the nutrition information states that it can fill up at least 9% of your daily iron needs haha. And it has other nutrients too! So it's good to eat, even if you're not sick on a Valentine's Day. Or a New Year Celebration.