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Goodbye 1/12 of 2010!

Today is 02/01/2010. Today's date only has 3 different numbers in it. Yeah, I'm easily amused hahaha. And this post is about January having come and gone so fast. A few days ago, we were just laying out our New Year's Resolutions, and now we're slowly realizing that some of them aren't just too realistic, and so we do away with the list altogether.

But January 2010 was one of the most Januaries in my life, so I have to thank 2010 for being kind to me early on. With my birthday, family reunions, new beginnings, work, friends, materialistic bliss (which, I decided to be my overall theme for 2010, haha) and all those things, this month has never given me the opportunity to get bored. Really. I may say "I'm bored!" sometimes, but that's just me not having enough time to think of words to describe the moment.
Speaking of Januaries, every year, my good friend Tintin celebrates her birthday before the month ends. Last Saturday, we had our kind of joint celebration at the Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife in Quezon City, of course with our very good friend Alred. It was my first time to be there. I've only seen it previously in TV shows like Sineskwela and in news programs when they turn over stray snakes and bloodied eagles. I never expected the place to be that big. It has a lake, and of course lots and lots of trees. Also, several areas where families do picnics, groups do activities like sportsfests and lovers live their really wild lives, the way animals on National Geographic do. (No, they don't eat each other. They do what's on the other end of the circle of life).
"So where's the wildlife?" I asked Tin and Red upon entrance cause all I saw were trees. Turned out, there's an area there for all the animals, and Tin gladly toured us around cause she's been there many times. There were lots of birds. And the deer was the only animal outside of class aves that I remember seeing. The tour bored me a little (Sorry Tin, hahaha) and it made me understand why animal rights activists hate zoos and cages so much. So we just went out of the cage area and just looked for a spot to eat all the food we brought.

And then we stuffed our faces till it went dark. And that's how we said goodbye to January.

Oh no, not yet. I remember a part where I was thinking that I don't like the park so much, that I closed my eyes and wished we're in UP instead. I wished, and I wished even harder. And when I opened my eyes, we were in UP.

No, that didn't happen. Red drove us to UP and along Quezon Avenue, we saw the moon that looked like a giant plato hovering over the UP acacia trees. We chased the moon and tried to find a place where we can see it in its full glory. We tried the track oval behind Bahay ng Alumni but the moon was too shy and it hid behind the trees again. We looked for another spot, and luckily, we found one behind CBA, but the moon has significantly shrunk then, looking only just like a normal full moon.

With all the chasing that happened, Tin got hungry and ate isaw. Red and I didn't.

And so that's how we spent the last hours of January.

Oh wait January has 31 days and all these happened only on the 30th. Let us just say, I slept Januaryt 31 away. Which isn't exactly true, but considering it's pretty late, let's just agree that the all-day sleeping really happened.