At Last

Hey do you know that song from Etta James? At Last? Well if you don't just move on to the next paragraph. So what about the song? Do you know that it is one of the many songs that are banned on American Idol? Along with Mariah songs, some Whitney, some Beatles and some Michael Jacksons? I don't know the exact reasons but it has somehting to do with royalties. Funny thing is, Kelly Clarkson, the winner from first season, sang that Etta james song on her first audition.

Do you know the Martin Nievera song "To Say Goodbye"? Again if you don't, just go ahead and skip to the next paragraph. To give you a clue, it's the song on his video with Iza Calzado. I've been wondering why I haven't hearing/seeing it for a long time, then I read on Philmusic.com last week (but it actually is an archive file, posted waaaaay back) that Dianne Warren's camp sued (or tried to sue) Martin Nievera for claiming that he co-wrote this song, when Dianne claims that she wrote it entirely on her own and did not give Mr. Nievera any permission to alter the song. And then Mr. Nievera goes to Inquirer for an Interview and tells the Sunday Inquirer Magazine that the composer should be honored that he revived the old and forgotten song, a reasoning that heightened Ms. Warren's fury even more.

Do you know how I don't get Havaianas, or however it's spelled, or spelt, haha. I don't get why it should be so costly when it's just beach walk.

Do you know that I rarely wear sandals and flip flops now cause Jake & Val saw my bare feet and they gave me the Bigfoot treatment by giving me a name that describes my feet? The name's ScaryToes by the way. My toes aren't scary! They're just too, what's the word for this? They're just too... too clean, I guess?

DO you know that I almost got knocked down by a flu (but I get up again, dadadadada make me down, I get knovked down, but i get up again) but I cured myself by drinking Gulps and Gulps of Del Monte courtesy of 7-11?

Do you know that I am now pushing for yet another cause? I'm supporting banana catsups (or ketchups) now. For years they've been regarded as tomato catsup's poor cousin. But really, they're more nutritious than tomato catsups. if you look at the nutrition information, a UFC and a Papa has vitamin b complex, vitamin A, vitamin D and iron whereas a Del Monte tomato catsup has nothing but sodium and carbohydrates? (Tomato ketchup supporters could scream lycopene but I really don't care. Iron helps us play)

Do you know that i take the tag "jologs" as a compliment?

Uhm.. what do I have here? Oh yes, i have a blogtag survey to complete.

Welcome me back blog. Please don't throw away what we've got. Cuz we've been together for way too long. I was playing around but I'm coming home. You know that I love you (know that I love you). There's no one above you (no one above you). I said it the last time (hey, hey). But this is the last time. Don't make me over (don't leave me baby). Cuz I can be faithful (you know I try). Baby you're my number one (baby). You're my number one.


Leah said...

at last nag-update.

meganyoung said...

pero mas masarap talaga ang tomato ketchup e! =)

slim whale said...

resurrected from the grave, or hell... whatever

slim whale said...

welcome back

duke said...

ok, now i i know, now i know. welcome back.

Elvin said...

lei: i missed me kasi e.
knucklecracker: ang aim kaya ng tomato ketchup!
slim: from hell, para mas powerful
duke. goog, good. thanks. :-)

Jillsabs said...

gusto ko ng havaianas! kahit sabihin niyo na beachwalk/spartan lang siya, gusto ko pa rin!

welcome back nga pala:)