And now, the tag thing

Read this. I need attention!

Seven things I can do:
1. Cook breakfast
2. Eat fried chicken (clean to the bones) using plastic spoon and fork
3. Stay at home for days without getting bored
4. Touch the floor with my palms while bent over
5. Curl my tongue
6. Hide the black part of my eye
7. Finish Super Mario Brothers 1, 2 and 3 (Family Computer)

5 CDs in your player:
(Hmmm. Tricky. My player can only take one at a time)
1. Get Lifted, John Legend!
2. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
3. Gameface, Jay-R!!!
4. The Soul Sessions, Joss Stone
5. From There to Here: 1989-2002, Brian McKnight

Seven things that scare me:
1. Doorknobs twisting by themselves
2. Flying roaches
3. Dentists/Doctors/Hospitals
4. Magandang Gabi Bayan Halloween Specials
5. My high school photos
6. The "Withdrawal" column in my bank passbook
7. Crustaceans (uncooked)

5 things I can't do (but tried):
1. Play the guitar! (I'm a failure. Sigh)
2. Stop smiling
3. Grow facial hair
4. Cook dinner
5. Kill a chicken!

Seven things I like the most:
1. Long rides
2. Walking
3. Nature/Rain/Water
4. Raising Animals
5. Planting hmmm... plants
6. Imagining. Things.
7. French Fries

5 movies I’ve seen recently:
1. Skeleton Key
2. Series of Unfortunate Events
3. The Eye Infinity
4. Fantastic 4
5. Rosemary's Baby

Seven important things in my room:
1. Mattresses on the floor disguising as a bed
2. Clothes
3. Books
4. Stuff
5. Me?
6. Shoes
7. Hamper?

5 nice things that happened to me lately:
1. Survived
2. Met someone during an MRT train breakdown (guffaw!)
3. Finished series of projects. Series = laborious
4. The coming of the Ber months
5. I bought me a PC

Seven random thoughts on things:
1. I want to wipe out my iPod's library and use only legal tracks from my CDs
2. I told Val that I was an underdog when I was a child, then she said, "Underdog, e sinaksak mo ng ballpen sa mata yung classmate mo!"
3. Is Mark Herras kirat?
4. I got some plastic sheets to cover my books. I'll start with the Rosales novels tomorrow.
5. Weekend!
6. I'm watching Sky High and Red Eye tomorrow
7. Hey where did all my moneys go? Tagal pa sweldo!

5 new friends and 7 new ones I'm passing this to:
1. Everyone. I've less than 12 friends. Haha.

Wow that was fun. Now all of you! Do this!

Or am I the very last blogger to do this?


Anonymous said...

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slim whale said...

did the same tag thing a few days ago, and man, it was exhausting, especially in that part where i had to think of good things happening in my life. i was like 'duh! that's the reason why they call it life cause it sucks'

i'm mighty scared of doorknobs turning by themselves, especially if i'm playing with my thing. nothing can be scarier than that

meganyoung said...

i also tried playing the guitar. even spent 5 kiaw for lessons.

di bale elvaughn, singing divas naman tayo! haha

Elvin said...

anonymous: i'm definitely going to bookmark myself too.
k: thanks for reading!
slim: playing with knobs. hahaha,
cy: ikaw nga eh, araw araw kang may minus one tape na baon nung college!