I'm happy now.

1. Got my first formal Christmas present (meaning, wrapped and tagged) from J&K. These "prends" are the nicest and the sweetest. The gift was on my desk this morning, waiting for me to arrive. Thank you, thank you!
2. After almost 4 months, I'll be seeing my sister again, tonight. :-)
3. Queen Anne from China sent me a very beautiful picture of a beautiful somebody. The picture is now my desktop wallpaper, replacing my old wallpaper, a picture of a pineapple under the sea.
4. The entries in my to-do list are being crossed-out one by one. Can't wait for the whole list to be wiped out. I can already smell Christmas Vacation.
5. RMF sent me Joss Stone's Soul Sessions CD, straight from the US. Muchas Grassy Ass!


bullish1974 said...

you want the other joss stone cd? the new one?

Elvin said...

why yes. do you know where i can get one? wink.

Anonymous said...

who is joss stone? i know... google it...


Anonymous said...

yahoo! happy na si elvin! hehehe.

merry christmas! =)


Elvin said...

W: Who is Joss Stone? Ewan.
~tin~: thanks! happy christmas, war is over! :-)

Elvin said...

Wow! Nice to see you here Queen Anne!
OO. Sya pa rin wallpaper ko.