The Show (aka The Abandoned Building Scandal)

Ok. This will be the most concise Xerex-worthy story you'll ever read.

Last night at about 9:30 p.m., I was still in the office. I called my sister on my mobile phone. Line's not so crystal clear so I had to go to the nearest window. I opened it, and looked out, until my head and torso were sticking out of the building.

Then I saw them.

In the abandoned building next to ours was a couple doing an R-rated thing!

I had to tell my sister, "Ok bye muna, may gagawin pa ako." I called my co-workers, we turned our lights off, and watched our little free live show.

The end.



Jillsabs said...

naughty boy :)

Elvin said...

No. Naughty them! :-P

Leah said...

sssshhhittt you were watching us?!?
hehe joke. yikes.

Anonymous said...

uh... where do you work?


Elvin said...

lei: You did it again?! lol.
~tin~: Kaw ha. You wanna see them too no?