My New Advocacy

One of my blog friends suggested that I should get one of those blog licensing things. You know --- the thing that disables the copy-paste function of your blog reader's computer.

I don't believe in that.

I don't think that anybody would be interested in copying my blog entries and/or proliferating them thru free e-mail (with the FW: FW: FW: in the subject). Besides, most of the Google hits I get are Mulawin queries, which I didn't write a thing about (I just remembered writing that I was a Mulawin in the ABOUT ME section).

But that's not my reason actually. My point is much more noble than that. Here it goes.


I believe in free access to all information. I believe in everybody's freedom to use any information acquired. In this world where everything is for sale, information is the only thing that the rich cannot monopolize.

I believe that there is such a force as the Information Elite. It is the group of people that knows more information that the others. This force is far stronger than the force of the economic elite. While the power of the economic elite is forever in the risk of collapse, the power of the Information Elite grows stronger everyday, as information is accumulated.

So go and get as much Information as you can. Be an Internet-tambay and try to satisfy your insatiable hunger for information. The Internet is the best alternative to the freedom-curtailing and capitalist-infested real world.

That ladies and gentlemen, is the reason, why I do not prohibit the copying of my blog entries.

Go plagiarize!


Jillsabs said...

information elite huh? it's a conspiracy i tell you! :)

just for the record, how do you know what google hits you get? because i've been getting some google and yahoo hits and i'm curious to know what the search query(ies) is(are).

sorry, techno-klutz here :)

Anonymous said...

Elvin, hello.

I'm relieved, then, for giving your blog address to my grade six pupils even without asking for your permission. :O I knew you wouldn't make a big deal out of it anyhow. (Or would you? ) Hehe. :) I asked them to do their own blogs as a requirement in my class, and I gave yours as one of the sensible ones I've visited as of late. Told them the owner of that blog is one of the good writers I know personally.

However, it was tad late when your story about the dilapidated building's incident sank in. Haha. Nevermind. I think they get these information anyhow in other forms.

Tet Javier

Elvin said...

Jill: Sorry I don't know too. I just see them on my referral thing. HEhe. RIght about now, I'm getting Francine Prieto hits.
Tet: Hi-tech naman ng pupils mo! :D