The Samurai Reviews: Kyla - Not Just Your Ordinary Girl

First I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to MYX for giving me the ticket to my first Araneta concert attendance ever. You're my favorite channel now. If you need someone to check if your lyrics are accurate, just contact me, ok?

Ok so the show started an hour late. Remind me to remind Kyla that she should not let her audience wait. General Admission is all filled up except of course, for that area behind the stage. And when the concert already started, Araneta is officially full.

The band started playing her signature songs while the platform they're on started to rise. A giant lighted steel K flies above. When I become a popstar, I'm gonna name myself Kelvin so I could borrow Kyla's giant steel K.

The first words she sang that evening was the "I'm" in the "I'm Coming Out" song. Hmm. I think I've seen that before. Never mind. I forgive her.

After the opening number, a Maneouvre gave her a jacket because she don't wanna be "naka-bra lang". "Ang ginaw!" she said. She's adorable.

Ok. First set of songs after the opening number. Some of her originals. She broke down in tears and fanned herself with her hands, I forgave her again. "Ang ganda ng songs ko 'no?" She's really adorable.

Then the Acoustic medley with Nyoy. She said Nyoy is a good dancer. She said Nyoy could do the moonwalk "like this," and she danced the running man. I forgave her again.

She looked like a cross between Rufa Mae Quinto and Francine Prieto that night with her curly locks. Because of You, out came Keith Martin. Fine, a duet! Keith must have really really really meant it when she sang to Kyla, "Because of you, my life has changed." Keith has gained weight. Life must be better now for our friend Keith.

Then her medley of Singing Contest songs. A video clip of her Tanghalan Days. Melanie Calumpad is the best! Then Kyla came out singing the song that I only know as "No no no no way." She sang that Star in a Million "Come on in out of the rain" song. She's so good I can feel Sheryn Regis packing her bags and flying back home to Cebu.

Alicia Keys medley. If I Ain't Got You. Then Kyla has banished the memory of the song being butchered by a Hawaiian girl in that same venue.

Karaoke Party! Myx played OPMs on the Video Wall. Kyla went down to the audience ala Jao Mapa and made some people sing some parts. She gave the mic to Karylle and to some other people. I wished I were down there so I could grab the mic (and die of stage fright).

Then she did a duet with Martin Nievera on a video wall. Out came Ogie and the crowd went wild. I gave a cold shoulder. No, my whole body was cold. Hey Ogie, I may be a member of your fan club when I was in Grade V but I am beginning to notice that all your compositions sound all the same. They even have the same lyrics. And they are calling you a great songwriter! Hah!

Then Kyla sang Ogie's hits. Ok, Ogie I like your songs again.

Then Kyla introduced her mentor. "Ate Reg." The guys infront me clapped like there's no tomorrow. They sang Butterfly and the owners of the loudspeaker sighed with relief when the song ended with their speakers still working.

Medley after Medley. Barbra. Christina. Britney. In the middle of the Barbra medley, something sparked from her giant steel K and fell all the way down beside her. She ran to the side of the stage, still singing, and said "Hala ano yun?" I'm sure that's not a part of Barbra's lyrics.

Surprise! Surprise! Gary V is in the audience and they did an impromptu Sana'y Maulit Muli number. She began thanking the sponsors and the audience ran out of the coliseum. Then she sang Hanggang Ngayon. Audience went wild. Nye nye to all impatient people who didn't wait.

Then Kyla did Beyonce. The End.

I'm now a supporter of Kyla. Now how do I join the Kyla Onliners?


Anonymous said...

if ever you wondered if you touch my soul, yes you dooooohhhhh...

bullish1974 said...

Melanie Calumpad. sino po sya?

/iambrew said...

Waaaaa.... Inggit ako! Kainis!

Elvin said...

Anon: Keith? Is that you?
Bullish: Melanie is THE Kyla. Hehe.
Christian: You should be. Haha.

/iambrew said...

HEH! Kainis ka talaga!
Hey nagkita na ba kayo ni Donna?

Elvin said...

Nandun si Donna?

Anonymous said...

grabe! ganda po ng concert nya... pano b yn, s patron kmi nka upo kya kitang kita..hehe.. so..til then..bye..bye..

Anonymous said...

grabe tlga si Kyla D' Best tlga ung concert nya,dko nga nmalayan ung oras eh parang ang bilis matapos!!!! Paano ba maging member ng kYla Onliners????Plss....Email mo ko gretzen_22@yahoo.com antay ko ha....pls,pls,pls....thanx