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Rewatching Miss Universe 2015 (Part 2)

Steve Harvey is back reminding everyone that a guy's reason for watching Miss Universe is the swimsuit competition and he goes on and on making this point. I think he's stalling while the IT guys are fixing the website that crashed because of the live voting.

He introduces the 4 judges - a comedian, a gossip blogger, a Miss Universe and an athlete. Hmmm, Miss Universe judging panels used to be so kilometric. The 5th judge of course are the voting public and Paulina Vega explains how to vote. Paulina's accent is the best.

More fillers and more videos. Like this one with Miss Bahamas and a sign behind her that says Rest in Peace.

More voting instructions, this time from Roselyn. Looks like Miss Universe has a hard time identifying Miss Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina (one of my favorites). Exhibits A & B:

Uh, that's not Miss Belgium.

Uh, that's not Miss Colombia.

Speaking of Dominican Republic, here she is prematurely dropping her wrap during the swimsuit competition (like that room mate who just leaves used bath towels on the floor). During the live airing, I was so afraid, Pia would step on it and slip on stage.

But thankfully, Pia avoided the wrap like how she avoids puddles when walking Metro Manila streets.

During Pia's swimsuit turn, Roselyn pulls out something from the Miss Universe frequently used spiels book when making live comments about the Philippines: Philippines is in the house! Variations: Wow, listen to that crowd! It looks like the entire Philippines is here!

Roselyn shares chismis about the girls. "Miss France asks silly questions!" "Some girls are trying to copy Miss USA!" "Miss Venezuela wasn't always consistent!" OMG these girls are spreading gossip about each other.

And no one told Miss South Africa her Yamamay's tag is showing.

Hmm she wasn't one of my favorites during the first viewing, but now I'm thinking she should have gone farther. You go Tuktuk Thailand!

Let's end the swimsuit competition with this very suggestive imagery behind Charlie Puth.

Who are the best voters in the world??? Philippines! (Beauty contests only, actual political elections, subject to deliberations).

Results are in! Of course, Pia makes it!

Because Pia keeps her eyes on the prize. She has no time for your backstage interviews.

Rushing backstage before anyone switches her dress with a Colombian creation.