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Rewatching Miss Universe 2015 (Part 1)

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is going back to her New York apartment today after her incredibly busy whirlwind homecoming tour around Manila. So I thought it would be nice to watch her winning night again, and possibly catch some things we didn't get to see when it first aired and we're all watching with hyperactive nerves and imagined shortage of oxygen. Plus, it would be nice for this historic moment to have a sort of documentation in this side of the Internet.

So without any more intro, let's get to watching and "live-blogging" the 2015 Miss Universe pageant "live" from Las Vegas USA !

The show starts with some of the 80 ladies saying things about themselves, and they're very random. One moment, one of them is saying she's not looking for approval and then you can imagine someone grabbing the mic to say "I am a doctor!". And then we hear a familair voice saying she's the breadwinner of her family. First sign of Pia!

"Ito ang Miss Universe!" she adds then we see split seconds of her red Oliver Tolentino gown.

Because this edition is being broadcast by Fox, I cannot help but see similarities between the show and American Idol (uhmm like how it Idol opens with "This is American Idol" perhaps?). Even the stage, the titles, the screen graphics and the host Steve Harvey's' entrance look like American Idol, but it's fine. "I don't see any problem with that... at all."

And here comes the craziness that is the national costume slash introduction portion where the ladies introduce themselves in their country in "national dresses" and the co-host Roselyn Sanchez throw in some very random facts, or like in the case of Bulgaria, shade.

Miss Bulgaria: Radostina Todorova, Bulgaria!
Roselyn: Bulgaria has never entered the Top 15.

The national costume competition is eventually won by Miss Thailand in a Tuk-tuk costume, who's so in character she actually introduced herself as Tuk-Tuk Thailand.

Amazing! Maybe next year, Miss Philippines should compete as an MRT train, a kalesa, or those little fiesta carts with colored chicks and goldfish in plastic bags.

But this is a competition so I'd say the most competitive costume belongs to Miss Ukraine. She carries a basket of bread which she can feed to the other contestants so they'd all get fat.

Ok then there are the video packages of the contestants like the staged American Idol leaving home videos. I never realized Pia had this much exposure (or maybe it's just because I'm always looking for her in the shots?) More Pia moments right until the video montage of the preliminary show but my favorite moment has to be that frame where Miss China inexplicably hit Miss Malaysia's arm haha.

"There's a mosquito on your arm and I killed it!"

Top 15 announcement. We all know what happens here. Top 15 girls gets called - but even before the names are announced, the camera people already know who they are because they always happen to be near the girl who is about to get called.

You know who else knows the names beofre they get called? Miss Malaysia. She can read the card if she wants to.

The Top 15 announcement is pretty uneventful. The momentum is always being broken by the intro videos showing how the top 15 girls are facing society's biggest issues like terrorism, bullying, poverty, religion, race and... having small hands.

After the Top 15 announcement, Roselyn interviews Miss Australia backstage as the "other 65" walk behind them. Best part is when Miss Aruba makes this face: