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Rewatching Miss Universe 2015 (Part 3)

It's my third night watching this thing and oh my what a long Miss Universe show this is.

It's time for another Pia sighting, this time she's channeling all of us at awkward dinners when people go talk to each other and we cannot fake interest anymore so we just focus on the food.

After the tribute to Miss Slovenia, a Steve Harvey voice over says "80 beautiful women...at the end of the night, only one will be crowned Miss Universe 2015." Hahaha this is so funny now.

The evening gown competition goes by and it's pretty much uneventful so I'm just leaving this photo here of Miss Australia recovering after a trip.

And a lot of Pia Wurtzbach smizing photos we can all use as reaction photos.

"Pag dumaan ang crush mo."

"Pag ayaw kang tingnan ng crush mo."

"Tapos bigla kang tinignan ng crush mo."

"Tapos biglang may lumalandi sa crush mo."

"Pero sa huli, ikaw pa din nilapitan ng crush mo."

"Nice job Philippine voters! I wonder what ISP are you using over there? Seems pretty fast and efficient!" says Roselyn. No I'm just kidding.

Top 5 announcement. You can just feel Pia's genuine happiness and relief when she's called. She's not MJ'd!

But no one beats Miss USA when it comes to facial expressions. In here it looks like Miss Dominican Republic needs to be wary of her.

First question and Answer portion! We all know how this went but wouldn't it be cool if, after being asked about US military presence, Pia goes to Miss USA, holds her hand and delivers the speech about USA and Philippines' good relationship?

Top 3 announcement! If you're on HD, you can actually see Pia's lips quivering, maybe becuase she's thinking of that tweet she made after the Manny Pacquiao fight? "Shet na-delete ko ba yun?"

One last final question and again, we already know how this goes. But let me leave this here again - the exact moment when Pia realized that she said something that will be quoted for the rest of her life.

Seal sings three songs for each top 3 finalist. Paulina says goodbye. Steve makes the mistake of all mistakes, but in the end, Pia takes the shiny metallic french fries.