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I'm your biggest fan, I'll make your video till you love me

In July last year, Jason Mraz announced via his website that he is making a video for his song "The Woman I Love."

Through the Twitter hashtag #MrazingTheVideo, he called on his fans to send their concepts/ideas and the best ones will be used to complete the music video.

Crowdsourcing is not new when it comes to music video making. We've seen Shakira fans shake their hips and everything shakeable to make the "Fans Only" video of the song about Shakira's honest hips:

And then teenage girls (and some boys) who adore Selena Gomez  made "art" and/or wrote lyrics on their body parts to form the lyric video for "Love You Like a love Song." A masterpiece by the way:

Today, Mraz uploaded the finished product for "The Woman I Love." The tweets are really there! Some tweets are more Hallmark Card messages than video ideas/storylines/concepts. But some are explicitly trying to create a visual. Regardless, the people included in this video are lucky for having their tweets immortalized in an official music video that's going to be played for years.

Here's the final video: