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My life's 30 greatest moments

Oh hello. This is my special 30th birthday post. I am listing down 30 of my greatest moments. Sure I can list down all my achievements like getting my first car or earning my first million (loljk) but that's quite boring and predictable.

So here it is, the list of my 30 real greatest moments that made me who I am today. In no particular order:

  1. I cracked my head open. I climbed up my father's tractor and next thing I know I am in the ER with my head being stitched up.
  2. Dog bit my face. Grandfather said when dogs growl showing their fangs, they're smiling. I made one moody dog "smile".
  3. My father and I were stopped on the road by NPA rebels. I had no idea what was happening.
  4. There's this one time, at boy scout camp, scoutmaster asked me to watch over our meal. I didn't.  The dogs ate our food.
  5. Had a nasty fall cause I liked hanging on clothesline.
  6. I climbed cases of beer, cases collapsed, broken bottle sliced my leg.
  7. I fell in a septic tank. Yeah I did it before Eugene Domingo won awards for it.
  8. I got hit and run over by... a bike. I don't know how and why.
  9. I biked over a volleyball net spread on the floor. Bike gears ate the net.
  10. In 1999, I got my first email address which will open a wooorld of possibilities.
  11. I was selling balut and I dropped the entire basket. Mother was upset.
  12. I tried to run away from home but I returnwd after an hour because mosquitoes bit me.
  13. I got a 4 in college Algebra.
  14. I faked illness to avoid ROTC. Disapproved. My fake illness of choice? Being flat footed.
  15. My grade school classmate's mom berated me after class cause I mentioned a rumor that she's (the mom) a prostitute. 
  16. I see dead people.
  17. I joined the sepak takraw team because... grades lol.
  18. I won a Nutrition Month quiz bee... while sick.
  19. At age 6, I went to see my first cinema movie. I screamed to be let out 5 minutes into the movie cause I got scared.
  20. I got victimized by the bus zest O gang.
  21. I got lost in Sapang Palay wearing rOTC uniform cause I rode the wrong bus.
  22. Had the wrong text command printed on a Pops Fernandez muaic download billboard. Sleepless nights.
  23. More sleepless nights over merchandise cause I forgot copyright line.
  24. Inserted a key in an electrical outlet.
  25. Bought porn for the first time in Cubao. Heart attack moment.
  26. Fainted in church. Tied with fainted at the airport/in Baguio/during flag ceremony.
  27. Pooped my pants. I was young ok.
  28. Went violent. At age 10.
  29. Finished Super Mario Brothers 1 2 3 and 4.
  30. Made this list.