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And just like that, the long Holy Week break is over. "Long weekends" tend to feel shorter and shorter these days. My theory is it's because we don't really get time away from each other.

Every holiday, every event - from celebrations to disasters - has become so social, with everything going up to Facebook walls and Twitter and Instagram feeds in an instant. Gone are the days when we give each other space and just focus on spending time with the people who matter the most. We no longer feel that longing to find out how our friends are doing and that excitement to exchange stories about each other's vacations when we get back together.

It's because they're all up there in that cloud of short attention span - talking about them would be unnecessary.

Anyway, my Holy Week break was uneventful haha, and I liked it that way. I stayed at home here in the city, enjoying the I Am Legend peace and quiet all around (Internet was mighty fast too).  

Also did some spring cleaning at home, letting of things that I can't imagine throwing away some months ago. Didn't know I've been holding on to trash. Throwing away things is an effective therapy. It de-stresses me and it gives me a light feeling at home afterwards. 

I also enjoyed, as usual, the quiet and stress-free Holy Week TV programming. My most astounding discovery was from ANC - the name of Pope John Paul I was Albino Luciani haha. Had to ask if I was named after him but no one in the household is aware that was his name. I did a quick Google and found out many interesting things about him including the fact that he was Pope for just a month and his death gave birth to several conspiracy theories because o the CSI-ish way his body was found.

And that case is what I am obssessing with right now. Reading about high profile conspiracy theories is a hobby.