Hello, work!

Tomorrow, we go back to our money factories. I'm a little excited to be honest. It may not show all the time, but I really like working haha.

Last year (which was yesterday, technically), I had a week-long break in time for Christmas - the longest I've had in sooo many years. It was amazing. Yes.

I spent in back home, in the province. It was very refreshing to disconnect from the Internet for a while and just focus on the people, places, things (and pets) around me.

One night while I was lying in bed and listening to my music player on shuffle (two of my favorite things to do), a song from the soundtrack of 13 Going On 30 suddenly played (yes I have it, ok?). It's Vienna by Billy Joel. 

Suddenly it's one of my favorite songs haha. My own interpretation of the song, based on my personal experience of course, is that it's about taking a leave from work and just going away, letting go of your worries and the clutter in your mind.

Last year, I left around 7 or 8 vacation leave credits unused. This year, I promise to use them all up, going places, trying new things. *deadpan*


Abbie said...

Hello, FBITC!

I see that you like 13 Going On 30 very much. :)

Elvin said...

Cause I'm thirty, flirty and thriving haha

dianne pagtalunan said...

Im an advocate of all-used up VLs!!! :)

Abbie said...

Yeah! That should be our goal for the year --- pakyawin ang VLs! Haha! I had 8 unused VLs last year.

Elvin said...

Dianne Pagtalunan teach us the way to the funnest job.