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Farm boy forever

After my third attempt of leaving this blog and starting a new blogging life somewhere else, I am back. Haha.

I've come to realize that I love this blog. This is where I started writing and possibly oversharing my juvenile and grammatically incorrect thoughts almost ten years ago. My love affair with the Internet started in this very blog address.

Much has changed since I was that young boy trying to feel his way in the net, but some things remain the same. I am still that farm boy with small town sensibilities, trying to make it in this big and strange city.

A few months ago while doing a cleanup of my apartment, I found a workbook which I used in my first job's team building exercises. We were asked to list down our dreams. I listed three: to be able to afford my own apartment, to be able to buy my own computer and to set foot on Disneyland.

I've long forgotten about those dreams that I never realized that the things I have enjoyed or are enjoying now were merely dreams of my younger self, who was not even sure if all those will ever come true.

This made me look back and be thankful of everything that happened to me in the past years. It made me think that through the years, I've been constantly reaching goal after goal, and at the same time, making way for new ones.

Which brings me to the reason of my return to this blog. It is not about clinging to the past. It is not about making a yardstick that will measure how far I've gone. It is all about my connection to my younger self - that I may never forget who I am and who I want to become.

The world - with all its people and places - changes every minute. But there are things in every person that never ever ever change. I don't know what it is exactly or how it is called, but it's that thing that makes you feel at home and at ease, no matter where life takes you.

And right here, online, this is the place that I'll always come home to.