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Doon Po Sa Amin (Year 5)

Put your hometown on the map!

Smart Communications, Inc., together with Nokia and DepEd, is currently building an online map containing unique stories with local flavor, from all over the country.

If you’re an elementary or high school student from anywhere in the Philippines, you can have your hometown represented in this nationwide mapping project by submitting photos, videos, presentations, etc. telling what makes your hometown great and unique.

Once this project is finished, anyone can “tour” the whole Philippines online, with all your hometown stories pinned right where you live. It’s a way of promoting your place, and showing that hometown pride.

Prizes await the particpants who post the best entries. We will give prizes to your schools too. :)

For more information (and for registration details), you may visit www.doonposaamin.ph.

Registration deadline is on Sept. 30. Embedding of entries is until end of December this year.