Welcome to my new blog!

I thought long and hard about this. Starting anew means letting go of my old blog which I maintained, and neglected, and maintained again (It's a cycle) since 2002 I think (I cannot check, I am writing this through my phone).

Starting a new blog under a new URL means I have to update my loyal blog followers and ask those who link to my blog to update their blogroll. What an incovenience. Now, I have to contact all three of them.

Why did I decide to do this reboot? Well, a lot has changed since I started Farm Boy in the City over www.elvinelvinelvin.blogspot.com. I think the guy who lovingly wrote entries no one reads on that blog needs his much deserved retirement.

But then, I have a strong feeling most of what I will be writing here will still be about him.

But whatever, It just feels great to consider everything from the past stored in a vault somewhere that everything is wiped clean and I am working on a blank space.

What will happen to me, to my life, from this day forward? I don't know. All I know is that I am giving myself a chance to start things over and get it together this time.

But I have to end this now, cause whenever I write something personal, I end up sounding melodramatic.

And I'm not that guy anymore.

Tabula rasa.


vittorio said...

Blogroll updated! Sayang ang hits sa old blog tho

bernizzya said...

Hello, new-old-farmboy! I just let go of the old blog, too. I know how it feels. Looking forward to your posts. And yes, though you and Tintin doubt it, I did not faint in dead-shock by our Amici dinner conversation. :P