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Because we all want Willy Wonka teeth

Taking some more baby steps towards blogging actively again - now blogging everything I do haha.

Well, it's better than nothing right? Ok so let me write something about our day at the dentist' clinic. The picture on the left shows my sister and I nervously waiting for our turn on the dentist' chair. Ok, not gonna lie. It was just me who was very nervous.

I have feared dentists ever since I was little. I see anything related to them, like their shiny sharp tools, and fear creeps in. I am most especially scared of the big white van that visits our public Elementary school once a year, to bring in dentists who'd pull out teeth and stuff cotton in my classmates' mouth.

Last Friday, I scheduled an appointment with our neighborhood dentist, to have her check what I call the erosion of my gumline lol. Turns out, it was not my gum that's receding but my teeth getting "abrasions". The dentist said I brush too hard (true, I think, cause my brushes don't last for more than a month. I either break their handles or cause their bristles to fall off). So she vulca-seal-ed these abrasion with something called Beauty-Fill (LOL) and then, my abused teeth were whole again.

I don't know if it's a dentist thing, if it's in their dental practice code or something to do this, but most of the dentists I've seen said I've a good set of teeth. Two even asked if I had braces. And I think they're just pulling my leg (they like pulling things) because I have a gap between my two front teeth.

But really, it feels good to have your teeth professionally cleaned once in a while. It's like being so clean in there, you don't wanna eat or drink anything for fear of getting your chompers dirty again.

Also, I can say I'm slowly conquering my fear of dentists. When I'm brave enough, I think I'm gonna get braces for real. Then I'll be like dude pare tsong conyo.


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I should read this blog more often, elvee~