If I had an invisibility cloak

This post, also known as my baby steps towards blogging actively again haha.

So I saw this thing inside SM North Edsa's Fully Booked and look at what's inside:

All seven books, in one real chest. Although it's just cardboard, it still sturdy and hard enough to carry these J.K. Rowling hardbounds (Did you notice how Ms. Rowling seemed to have had a grand time writing the last four books? Those can be used to hurt people).

I want this set really bad! Never mind that no one wants actual paper books these days. I'm still crazy about paper books (e-books do not have that wonderful fresh paper smell, ok?). But this set costs P8,000 so unless I win the Lotto or maybe Showtime or Pinoy Big Brother, I think it is going to hurt me really bad should I get this. Maybe there's a cheaper paperback version? None? Ok.

By the way, SM North Edsa's Fully Booked branch is now half its former size. :( But good news is, they improved the store's interiors and the shelves are now very close to each other, literally surrounding you with books, wherever you choose to stand.

And the books smell nice.


Unknown said...

They... They... They cut down on the store's size? WHY :'(

Cris said...

I love this collection, Elvin. But it's really pricey. Sana mag-offer ang Fully Booked ng installment plan for expensive items. Wishful thinking :) Or maybe we should write on their Facebook wall and hopefully, they'll take action.

Unknown said...

i still prefer paper books, too. :)

Elvin said...

Ela: I don't know :( They're building a new shop right beside it. Have no clue what is it.

Cris: Haven't thought of that! oo nga no baka pwedeng six months, zero percent lol.

Almi: Me too. Wala pa akong natatapos na e-book ever lolol.

Criselda Aquino - San Andres said...

Elvin: Just kidding! :) Pero if you have this collection, winner ang library mo! :)

wickedmoonlight said...

meron ako nyan!! :D syempre di ko ginagamit, collector's item eh, hahaha! :) - karlatot