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What? No Spider Web and Trust Fall exercises?

We're spending the night here at MMLDC Antipolo. It's our department's team building/strat plan, and we'll be here until tomorrow afternoon. It's my first out-of-office activity with this group since, you know, I'm last year's new guy (new girl came in a week after I did though so my newbie privilege, if there's any, vanished quickly haha).

So yeah, we had the usual team building things like introducing ourselves rather cutesy-ly, eating fish fillet, doing things involving Manila papers, markers and colored papers and doing after-lunch games they call ice-breakers, and listening to lots of whirring noises coming from the laptops, the projector and the air-conditioner.

Of course, we also did the Myers Briggs test, my second time to do so. I am happy to announce that my test results have been consistent - INTP. LOL. I'm introvert y'all. And a little special too. Where I came from, there were only two of us out of the 60+ people who fit in this profile. This time, there are just three of us. So yeah. INTP for life.

Pardon the journal-like, what-I-did-today entry but here are the other things we did haha. We went to the aviary and I expected a little serenity and zen cause you know, doves represent peace. But they weren't doves. They're noisy parrots and cockatoos and they stressed me out lol. We walked around the hilly slope of the place, got lost several times. I ate a lot. But I do that every day so that shouldn't count. We also had SM Lights while watching Willing Willie haha. And oh, I watched bits and pieces of 127 hours, which I still haven't finished till now.

But that's ok cause I already got the GetGlue sticker of it.

And there's always weekend. Or team building Day 2, after-lunch downtime.


wickedmoonlight said...

comment ako! haha! ako consisten ENFP! extrovert daw ako! -- karlatot