Twenty Eight

I must do this before the last day of January ends.

You see every year, I revive my blogging interest every 14th of January. That's my birthday. This year, I just let it pass by. I blame the microblogs like the Twitters and the Tumblrs. Those made my attention span at its record-breaking shortest. In fact, sometimes, when I read things on the Internet, I just skim the first two or three sentences and then I move on to the next. That happens to when I try to write a blog entry. You can just imagine the effort I'm puttin in this right now, just to write something after the third sentence. But I'm trying. And it's a start.

In contrast with last year, my 2011 birthday was so uneventful, but it's my favorite so far. True. Two days before THE day, I almost fainted inside the car I'm riding home because of a powerful combination of fever, flu and an unstable stomach. That car ride felt like the longest car ride I've had in my life. I didn't know If I should ask for help or I'd just keep quiet and wait for the discomfort to go away. Knowing my extraordinary interest in suffering in silence, I chose the latter and patiently wait for the hellish EDSA vehicular crawl to end.

I came to work the next day, then went home right after noon.

What's to like about a birthday celebration with sickness? Well last year was painful cause I crashed from a skateboard while trying to stop rolling on a downhill slope, but it was happy pain. The pain with sick leave, is not. Well I wasn't really in pain haha. I just don't feel well. But what made everything fun for me was that my entire family was there. My father who came from the province, my brother in the seminary, my mother and my sister who I'm living with (or they're living with me, depends on how you look at it) and of course my other brother who, at that time, was getting ready to jump into a new chapter of his life.

So there. My annual tradition. My birthday slash going back to blogging post. Can't really tell anything more. Well I've got lots more but I don't know where to start. Oh I also got a cake and a card from my co-workers in my new department. That's right I've a new job. If I were active last year, I should've written about that.

Anyway, I'm 28 now. There was a time in my lif when I thought 25 was ooooold. And 28 is like the age where guys start becoming husbands and fathers. But now I'm here and i don't feel any different. I'm still childish and immature. Though I've gone a little boring and sometimes when I have nothing to do, I'd rather lie down and sleep like a grandpa. I still like writing, I guess. I should love writing. Yeah, and I will still write, and make blog posts no one reads, and just type away and never bother editing.

I'm 28.


Verl said...

Belated happy 28th, Elvin! Wait... you're only 28? No fair! I'm turning 29 this year. I thought we're batchmates? (Okay, must not equate batches and ages from now on. Haha!) Cheers to going back to blogging! :)

Elvin said...

Hey thanks Verlaine. I miss this. :) If you dig deeper, you'll find an entry about me winning a bottle of vodka and a glass cleaner from Agot Isidro's magazine column. Hahaha.

Unknown said...

Belated happy birthday!

Verl said...

Haha really? I will definitely dig deeper! ;)

Elvin said...

Thanks Ela :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, 28! And all this time, I thought you were already 34, harharhar! Miss you,, levin lacunio! Naka-link ka sa blog ni Cy kaya napadpad ako rito, hehe!