For your late-night stress-eating

This could be the place. It's called Chic-Boy, which stands for Chicken at Baboy. Like me, you must have seen this before while, maybe passing along Jupiter St. in Makati, deciding whether to go to Music 21, TopGrill or CenterStage. Haha. Anyway, I never really paid attention to this food place. I thought it's something... not serious. But then Jake and Anj tried it and they've been recommending this to everyone since then.

Chic-Boy serves a variety of grilled pork, chicken plus some soup, vegetables and desserts too. It's owned by Pier One, so the good news is, they also serve beer. Food's reasonably priced. My favorite, the Cebu Lechon Manok is priced a little below P100 and it comes with unlimited rice and all the spices and seasoning you would want. Haha. Add a little more, around P20, and you'll get unlimited iced tea as well. Here's a picture:

It doesn't look too good on this photo, sorry. But you see those things beneath the chicken piece (they make you choose the pieces by the way, which pleases me a lot cause I absolutely hate being served chicken wings against my will), those are bits of herbs they use to make the ordinary lechon manok become lechon Cebu haha. It's best with the vinegar mix served with it, but I also like eating it with their in-house sarsa. And also, I make sure my rice is drenched with that oil they serve in Inasal places and generously sprinkled with garlic bits.

Chic-Boy Jupiter, we're told, is open 24 hours a day. The place is spacious, with enough spaces between tables, making it not too annoyingly crowded. And the best part it, as Jake perfectly puts it, it's the only restaurant with servings that are bigger than those shown in the pictures on the menu board.

Maybe in the next few days, I'll be the foursquare mayor of this place.


sarah said...

i need a resto like this here in Baguio! :(

Iskang Sabaw said...

wow! I'm looking forward to setting foot in that restaurant :))


Kenna said...

The photo isn't that clear but I was still drooling.