The True EDSA Revolution

There was a time when EDSA didn't mean horrendous traffic, monster buses or packed trains. There was a time when EDSA meant People Power - a moment of pride, the greatest story the eighties has ever seen. I wasn't there when it happened, I was too young, and far away. I've learned about EDSA first from my relatives who regularly play the Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo vinyl, and second, from the text books, within its last few pages.

Teachers told the tale differently, as some acknowledged its historical importance while the others pledged their unwavering allegiance to Apo Marcos. Though coming from opposite sides, they agree on one thing. Its impact to the world was undeniable, and it was that one point in history when the world looked up to the Filipino people.

Today we saw an EDSA of a confused people. There is no more one EDSA. Today we saw an EDSA divided according to affiliation, beliefs and/or color. Today we saw an EDSA tainted by politics and conflicting interests.

In 1986, we were so sure we are on the right path. This year, we do not know who to trust anymore.

And of course, in this era, there's this version of EDSA that we dare not speak of -the EDSA that led us to where we are today. It is the revolt that became the devil's apple in our peaceful paradise, the one that can bring us a feeling of shame. Because once, there was a time, when EDSA gave us more questions rather than answers.


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