Had a great great time with college Journ-mates Red, Tarra, Carmela and Jeco (+ Aileen) at the College of Music Auditorium last night. The LOL-fest was brought about by LIVE AIDS (Ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng Samaskom), staged annually by the organization UP SAMASKOM - very talented bunch. If you're CMC-bound next school year, watch out for them. They're everywhere so you can't possibly miss them. Haha. In our time, they go "Join SAMASKOM something something something College of Mass Communications!" at their recruitment booth. And during their recruitment hell week, their applicants go around attending their classes, in costumes, casually. (I specifically recall someone coming in class as Mystique from the X-Men. She, or was it he, scared me). And then they randomly yell "GO SAMASKOM!" at each other. So yeah.

CIRCUSMARYOSEP was their 26th staging of the show, which makes it as old as the We Are The World Song, so I hope that explains the LIVE AID reference.

I cannot tell you about the skits and the monologues here cause just writing will not do them justice. They must be performed haha. But our group (meaning the whole hall) went roaring with laughter with the spoofs of the presidential candidates' ads, the Jenky-Crispa-Mommy D showdown and Kuya Kim Panzee's uncanny resemblance to the real Kuya Kim (not the real chimpanzee). And of course, who can forget the GMA-Michelle Obama debates. (She never really said she's Michelle. At first we thought she's Oprah, but whatever, let's just call her Michelle). And mention AVAKLER to anyone who's seen the show and observe what happens.

This is my second time to see LIVE AIDS and at first we reflected why on earth didn't we watch all four LIVE AIDS shows during our time in college. And then we remembered, we couldn't possibly afford the tickets then. Haha.


Clayman said...

sana lang nag-aaya... sana lang naman... hehehe...

Elvin said...

Ay sorry Gelo, sabit lang din ako haha. Next year :P

Unknown said...

Trueeee! No wonder big deal ang event every year haha! Namaos ako katatawa :-)

Anonymous said...


Actually, Live AIDS is not a reference to Live Aid. It's just a mere coincidence. And yeah, that was Michelle... Michelle O'Bombshell.