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Saturday at 8:30 PM is Earth Hour Pilipinas

All these talks about the end of the world (I'm talking about the scientific ones, the Mayan 2012 apocalyptic prophecy included) have one thing in common - this Earth is going to blow any day now if it gets hotter and hotter, and that's exactly what's happening. According to studies, every summer we are experiencing now is hotter than the summer before it. So imagine how hot it's going to be come summer or 2020. It will be very hot, wax museums will be out of business.

And what are we willing to do to avoid this impending doom? We can wait for Al Gore talk sense into us (He'll be her on June 8 at the SMX Convention Center to present a so called Asian Version of his award-winning An Inconvenient Truth Multimedia Presentation) or we can start doing our little shares today. From the wise use of energy to the proper disposal of wastes, every little thing, in a way, helps cool down our planet that's briskly boiling underneath.

And let's not forget the global Earth Hour Campaign happening on Saturday, March 27 at 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. There's no excuse not to participate in this activity. You do not have to do anything. Just flick off the switches. If you could turn off all electronics too, the better.

This project is interesting not because it can save the planet in an hour. It is interesting because it highlights the importance of collective effort. One small action, when multiplied by many different people, can leave a huge impact. Your household, when joined by several million others from around the world, can help the planet breathe easy for one more day, or month or year.

So stop being KJ on Saturday and don't think it's OA, or baduy or just plain gimmickry by the environment freaks. This is your world too. More than just 60 minutes of turning off the lights and enjoying the natural lights of the nighttime, Earth Hour is a symbol of the little acts you can contribute in taking care of the planet space you are leasing. Be aware. Inform yourself.

This Saturday, one way of not keeping yourself in the dark, is by turning off your lights.

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