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A Night with Block K1-99

Live blogging here at Starbucks Insular Life. Heehee.

Here's our webcam picture, ten years after we claimed our UP 99-XXXXX student numbers. We're also with our honorary blockmates Pol and Thea.
We are so fascinated with New Yorker Gidget's stories about her (secret) wild life in the big city, although Edson and I think she's had enough training climbing walls and doing Prison Break-type escapes from their home guarded by spotlights with motion sensors.
Tarra is currently getting hook-up lessons from Gidget. She's thinking of being a bar mainstay, you know, hanging out and waiting to be hit on. Lesson No. 1: Take control.
Pol is our designated photographer. He is a professional papparazo. He's taken pictures of big stars such as Sharon Cuneta (Wow, big nga! - Tarra), Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual, and me.
Alred, is our official Makati tour person. He is maligaya, maunlad, masaya. If we ever get into trouble with the MAPSA, we can call his Makati City Hall office, but he says "ipapakulong ko kayo lalo." Ganito si Alred sa Makati.
Fatima slash Thea just came from Singapore. Fati was my official tour guide when I was in Singapore. Her favorite Singapore blunder of mine was when I answered her question, "Elvin Nasan ka na?" with "Nasa shed na may Sunsilk ad." Turned out, there are a million of sheds with Sunsilk ads in Singapore. But I know that. I was just being cute.
Thea slash Fatima worked hard to put me through college. Everyday, I bullied her to give me her lunch money.
Edson left us to be with his InCHOIRer friends. Good luck to him hahaha. Seriously, we're proud of Edson, because he studied/will study in all continents of the world.
Bernice is reading everybody's palm. No, not the palm. The thumb-index finger crotch. She easily read Pol Mata's intentions. Tarra said Bernice read her love life too accurately. That space between the thumb and index finger is a weird place to read fortune. I suggest Bernice starts reading fortune through people's singits soon.
And there are too many stories we can't share here, cause most probably, people will get mad at us.