The New Year's Eve Emo Post

2009 wasn't a very good year, personally. It was a year of anxiety,
heartbreak, frustration, loneliness and uncertainty. For the first
time in many years, I felt helpless and I thought there is nothing
more I can do. Still I chose to put on a happy and positive face
everyday, suffering in silence, while I send out cries for help in
forms of cryptic messages and subtle signals.

Luckily for me, 2009 realized that it is being too harsh on this
little kid, who, in his entire life has done nothing but try to be a
good boy. 2009 may have been ruthless, but in the end, it gave me time
to heal the wounds of the past.

I would like to thank a few friends of mine who patiently stood by me
during my roughest times. You all made me realize that God do really
send your way exactly the people you need, at exactly the right time.

On the last day of 2009, I would like to be fair and say that It
hasn't been an entirely ugly year.

I made it through. And with these battle scars I earned, nothing can
hurt me anymore.


Anonymous said...

Elvin, sana napasaya ka ng pics mo....

- Marge (a supporter of PH postal system)

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Anonymous said...

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