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Just a Couple of Hours More

Right now, I am in Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya. In a few hours, I will be home.

My trip began at 9:50 last night. I nearly lost it when the dispatcher
said my bus had already left. I asked him repeatedly and he said the
same thing. When I asked, why on earth has the 9:50 bus left when bus
9:45 was still there, we both knew he was talking about 9:15. So big
relief for me. Never been left by a bus before.

On night trips like this, normally it is freezing cold, the reason
people bring not just jackets but blankets too. Thankfully, this bus'
thermostat control is... normal.

First time to pass through SCTEX on my way home. Saves a lot of time.
Avoids Bulacan and Nueva Ecija traffic.

So there. Just a quick update about my December 31st on the road. Lol.
Also, I am testing blogging via phone cause I forgot my Smart Bro. Sad