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Hey, have you heard of blogging? It's so 2010!

Hello loyal blog followers. Yes, both of you. As my loyal readers, you may have noticed that yesterday, I made a commitment in my twitter to blog again. Yes, in the day and age of the convenience of microblogs and the guaranteed audience of social networking sites, I have declared my unwavering loyalty to blogspot. And so from this day on, I shall (try to) blog daily. It's gonna be fun. It's just like that Project 365 by the flickr guys, only, I do not have a camera, or a flickr account. But I can type text. And I'm on blogspot. So there.

This blog entry will start it all. The first of the 365 entries (Is 2010 a leap year by the way?). It may not be too obvious but this excites me a lot. You know, the thought of creating posts from nothing for about 2 readers to see (3 if I include myself), it really is something to look forward to and be excited about.

I've always liked blogging. I've been on blogger since 2003. I don't have any problem expressing myself in writing (whether I write in perfect grammar or not, or if I can say the same about my spoken English, is another topic). And I do not have problems thinking of something to write. I'm not bragging here, but the truth is, I've got so much to write about, I can launch Project 365 and finish it in a week (whether they will interest you or not, or whether they're important or trivial, is another question). Many times during the day, I say "this is going into my blog." And then I forget about these little nuggets of ideas forever.

This must not happen again. As Bernice said in one of our 2 recent meetings (heh), ideas aren't ideas unless they're immortalized. That means if they stay trapped inside your head, they're just transmissions from your brain. If you say it out loud, it just goes into thin air. If you write it, in a way, it becomes part of you and part of the universe. Yes, my friends and I, we're deep like that. And we talk about such things while eating mango crepe.

I just wish that there are still many people out there who still embrace the art and science (and joy) of "macroblogging", whether it's pang karir blog or just for the plain and simple personal and leisurely past time blogging. I miss the old days when we don't restrict ourselves with character limitations. The old times when building a network was not synonymous to just clicking the "Add as friend" button. Back in the days (LOL), building a network takes so much more. But I'm not going there anymore. Cause this is an example of a non-karir, just pang-past time blog.

Anyway, that's it for Day 1. By the way, the stripped-down look of my blog is the result of a day of tinkering with the blog's layout and then settling with the default black when no available online template captured my blog's essence haha. I'll work on it soon. And all the things in the sidebar, including but not limited to the links, the comments box, the twitter links, etc. will all be back.

And just like that, I'm a blogger again.


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