I Almost Lost My Phone

One random proven fact: In times of panic, the mind is capable of thinking several thoughts at the same time, in less than a minute.

This happened last week on my way to work. You know those office pants (I think it's what they call dress pants, but don't trust me)? Well, we all know that things slide out of its pockets when we sit, especially inside the cramped spaces of public transport vehicles. I rode one of them FX taxis/shuttles and yes, when I'm near our building's entrance, I instinctively gave my pockets a pat, and was shocked/confused/scared that my phone wasn't there anymore.

And during that half-a-minute of confusion, my mind was able to think of all these thoughts (and more):

1. I know I never left it at home cause I even used it inside the vehicle.
2. I must have left it inside the FX. I hope one of the passengers beside me took it.
3. Good thing I have another phone. I must start calling my lost phone now.
4. What If I never get my phone back?
5. I did not back-up my contacts.
6. Do I have embarrassing pictures of myself stored in the phone?
7. What should I get as my next phone?
8. Have I already paid the phone completely?
9. Am I late for work? No, I still have 5 minutes.
10. Why is the person who has my phone now, not answering my call?
11. Some more thoughts.

And then someone tapped my shoulder and I was relieved to see a familiar face. She was sitting next to me in the FX...

But she doesn't have my phone. She said the guy in front of me took it.

With one important fact now certain (that someone has the phone), I maniacally redialled and redialled until the guy picked up. We agreed to meet in his office, and there his co-workers asked for a Sbarro or Yellow Cab ransom.

Thankfully, they're joking.


TwistedHalo said...

Hmmm, di ko mawari kung mabait yung lalaki o hindi. Hehe. :)

Elvin said...

Hmm... mabait siguro kasi sinagot nya yung tawag :P