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Things That Really Work: Mobile Yellow Pages

It used to be that when we hear Yellow Pages, we imagine those bulky books we use as bookshelf fillers, bookends, paperweight, tinapa wrapper or confetti (tip for better confetti: shred the yellow pages first before throwing them up in the air.)

But now, the iconic yellow pages has just turned E. You know how we like to e-everything these days. Ladies and gentlemen, meet e-yellow pages. Now, we can have access to a directory of anything and everything, online. Just go to www.eyp.com.ph.
Even better, it has a mobile version. It was very useful when we're right in the middle of SCTEX and we had to pre-order our breakfast in Chowking Subic. When we got there, our breakfast is already prepared, ready for a gratifying consumption.
So now, there's no more excuse to be lost when looking for an establishment, a building or an office, even when you're out on the road, and say, you forgot to put the volumes of yellow pages in your backpack. All you have to do is use your mobile phone's browser to go to www.eyp.com.ph. It will automatically redirect you to its mobile site. Enter the name of whatever it is you're looking for (ex. Jollibee, Powerbooks, Tower Records, Sogo, lol), or you can even enter just the category (ex. Flowers, Hotel, Hardware), then type in the location. In no time, you'll have a list of the branches within your specified location.
Go try it. It works!