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How to say 'Jesus' in Japanese

Kuya Pasky became a bearer of good news today. Not just any good news, but THE Good News. Haha. I got a surprise visit from him, and he came to give me a package from Nalyn containing this:

This is Manga Messiah - a manga-inspired re-telling of the story of Jesus. I first saw this book at Sango! in Makati. I begged Mr. Sango (the kind Japanese owner who gives out wonderful pieces of origami to customers) for that copy by writing him a letter and giving him my card. But alas, he never called. Haha. I am reading the book now. Here's a look of the inside pages:

I hope they also have an Old Testament of this. Imagine the possibilities - Creation! Noah's Ark! Tower of Babel! All in manga! Hmmm, The New Testament's Revelation would be fun in manga too.

Thanks Nalyn! :)