This is a Food Blog. Haha.

I remember it so well, that final day of EDSA 2. Gloria Arroyo has just been sworn in, and in her message, she vowed to practice leadership by example.

And so in light of the great page 6-worthy Le Cirque scandal, Hyatt and I followed the great example of Mrs. Arroyo, and dined beyond our means.

We were just wandering around the very anti-SM environment of Greenbelt 5 when hunger struck us. We can easily time-space warp to Greenbelt 1 and feast on the Wendy's Twenties menu, but we decided to social climb a bit and try one of those places in the restaurant row with very nice cushioned seats, filled with businessmen and expats.

At the very end of the row is Felix. I heard the place is partly owned by Ben Chan. I think it's true cause the logo looks like Bench Fix. Anyway, the place is intimidating, especially for us - me with the messenger bag and jeans and sneakers and Hyatt with her flip flops. (Or was it just me, cause Hyatt is a rich kid with an eternal colegiala accent). Felix reminds me of hotel restaurants - with the complimentary bread and butter and the waiters with the dedication and attentiveness of butlers.
I tried the malunggay with tokwa soup. Of course, they didn't call it that. They have fancy names for everything. I forgot all of them already (lol) except for the Dyesebel, because it reminds me of Marian Rivera. For my main dish, I chose this thing:

And yeah, It's still chicken. And yeah, I forgot what it's called. Haha. I don't even know how to pronounce its name in the menu. But you know, whenever I'm faced with this problem (of not knowing how to read the food's name, I either a) point to the menu and say "I'd like this one!" or b) read the looong description ("Hi Mr. waiter. I'll order the sauteed chicken fillet with asparagus dunked in a special cream sauce and served with pasta in olive oil and capers.")

Everything I ate was good. I even wanted to ask the butter they use for the bread but I forgot to. Haha. Because I am jologs, I am delighted by the service shown to us by the people of Felix. Our water glasses seem to magically fill itself everytime it nears drying up. And wehen one of the waiters saw a tiny tiny black dot in my drinking glass, he replaced it right away. We have our own designated pepper grinder - a very cheerful girl, who also gave us bread when she saw how we devoured the the first batch served to us.
In conclusion, service was good, and food, yummy. And even though I forgot every single name in the menu except Dyesebel (I'm not even sure of the spelling), there are things I will always remember about Felix. Like, it's expensive, and they'll happily grind your pepper.


XeSy said...

Hi. I think Felix is also co owned by richard gomez. I remember it was featured on a tv show, and i also wanted to try it kaya lng tuwing pupunta ako ng greenbelt nakakalimutan ko yung goal ko na yun. Hahaha. :-)

Elvin said...

Talaga? Could it be that the food in the mune were named after Richard's movies (ex. Super Islaw).