Philippine Idol: The Superhero Edition (TOP 9)

I am not an Arms fan. But for me, last night was Arms' night. I was choosing between her and Mau and I decided to give the top spot to Armarie simply because of her surprising song choice (but she pulled it off) and her effort to come up with something new (as far as her past performances are concerned).

(But I'm still disappointed because I was hoping she'd sing Agent Orange by Slapshock or Lucky by Kamikazee to put her growl to good use. Haha.)

And now this week's recap. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new superheroes/supervillains:

Gian Magdangal aka THESPIAN
Weapon: Pare Ko by Eraserheads
Special Power/s: Superior vocals, Singing with feelings, Knows song well, Sticks to the theme
Weakness/es: Seen by the judges (for the nth time) as too theatrical. He looks "tinatamad" last night too. Consistent bottom 3'er.
Killer move/s: The "climb the bars" technique

Apple Chiu aka BANDIDA
Weapon: Wag na Wag mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal
Special Power/s: Singing a non-band song on Pinoy Band Night and getting away with it, Messing the lyrics and getting away with it, Getting the right costume, having "detached coolness"
Weakness/es: Getting lost in vocal acrobatics, No shield against flats and sharps (thanks Mr. Hajji for telling me what those are, hehe)
Killer move/s: The "Apolonian shoutout," The pout

Miguel Mendoza aka SCHOOLBOY
Weapon: Harana by Parokya ni Edgar
Special Power/s: Hypnotism (explains the quadrillions of voters), Making the song his own
Weakness/es: Mr. C wants him sent back to school
Killer move/s: The goat bleat

Jan Nieto aka HAPPYSAD
Weapon: Tuloy Pa Rin by NeoColours
Special Power/s: Being more theatrical than Gian, more OA than Arms and more boring than a sleeping Onyx and getting away with it, Charming Mamita
Weakness/es: His strengths are his weaknesses
Killer move/s: The "Is this song happy or sad?" maneuver, The stretchable emoting face

Jelli Mateo aka Hourglass
Weapon: Paglisan by Color It Red
Special Power/s: attackin the enemy with bad timing
Weakness/es: seen as the weakest female in the bunch,
Killer move/s: The "blender hip"

Mau Marcelo aka The Sofa
Weapon: So Slow by Freestyle
Special Power/s: Superior Vocals, emitting sounds that are very pleasing to the ears
Weakness/es: Her evil twin, The WHINER
Killer move/s: The braid shake, The high note hit

Ken Dingle aka MEMORASER
Weapon: Ligaya by Eraserheads
Special Power/s: Erasing memory
Weakness/es: He erased his own memory
Killer move/s: The missing lyrics cover up, The "replace the forgotten words with some strange words" technique, the post performance speech

Armarie Cruz aka Growla
Weapon: Makita Kang Muli by Sugarfree
Special Power/s: Powerful growly voice (suits rock), Ability to deliver fresh performances every week, Driven
Weakness/es: TOO driven, Comes off as OA, too hungry for the win
Killer move/s: The annoying politico speeches, The vote wisely crap

Pow Chavez aka Stompede
Weapon: Forevermore by Side A
Special Power/s: Humility, Personality, Good voice
Weakness/es: Safe and boring performance, Getting too predictable,
Killer move/s: The stomp, the neck jerks


Anonymous said...

hi elvin! this has got to be the most creative recap i've read since the hilarious one did by "joyce jimenez" hehe

i'm not a fan but Go Growla!!!!! woohoo!

geWi said...

so funny! galing.

Anonymous said...

this is one funny ****... hahaha... ahm i like the 'sofa' and 'stompede' best =] my best wishes to them on phil idol. go!!

Anonymous said...



Sassafras said...

hahahahahah! another funny entry. loved the superhero names, complete with icon pa.

tristanjed said...

nakakatawa talaga!

Bakit sofa si Mau? hehe.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha!!! i love it! :) so short, but very precise and creative! keep it up, i'd like to see more of your idol posts!