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This morning, I made this image as a header for my TOP 10, Metropop Night Recap:

For the second time, the person who I thought was the best was voted off. Last week, I did one for Drae. If this is something like a curse, then I would like to create a header for THAT PERSON who I think deserved this early exit, very much.

I don't want to call the whole process unfair. In fact, among all our local talent shows, Philippine Idol is obviously the most democratic. But in a democracy, as one of my Political Science professors said not too many years ago, (and I quoted this already several times in this blog)the voters ALWAYS get the government they deserve.

Come on. Mau, Gian and Reymond in the bottom 3? I'm sure we can vote much better than that.

Or can we?

Manok manok na ba 'to? Regardless of how well or how bad our respective manoks do, will we still vote for them no matter what? Huwag na tayo mag performance night! Let's just let them stand there for two minutes at mag-ubusan na lang tayo ng load pagkatapos.

Anyway, for the fans of Reymond aka "Reymond's Whores," here's a little something courtesy of Patty:

No recap tonight, by the way. Panis na.