Idol Backlog

First of all, allow me to show you a special greeting card I made specially for all of you:

I google image'ed All Saints Day and that's the picture I got. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm so sad that I never got to blog about last weekend's Idol show. I broke my streak! I was planning on chronicling the whole finals season! I missed two idol posts because of the new schedule. It's so difficult to fit blogging in my busy office schedule. Besides, blogger.com uses up my limited surfing minutes at work. And it has also been my practice not to blog at work cause that's unethical. Even blog viewing while at work is unethical. (30-second silence) Hahahaha.

Now, stop laughing and let's offer a moment of silence for those precious ones who left the show that I love, we love, everybody loves, (Everybody = Approx: 100 households) Philippine Idol.

What was Jeli saying in the picture:
a. But "You Don't Know Me" is my lucky song! It was the couch that was unlucky!
c. Soon I'll be more popular than all 8 of you combined!
d. Je t'aime! Te Amo! I love you! Watashiwa...

What was Arms saying in the picture?

a. Sabi nang VOTE WISELY e! Grrroooowll!
b. Ows? Teenager ang mananalo sa Idol? Ows? Teen? Owsteen?
c. Si Mau kasi hiniram yung inilalagay ko sa ulo ko.
d. May ABC-5 ba sa Zamboanga?

SIDENOTE: When we watched Sunday Night at Megamall, we got to see Ken, Gian and Reymond... inside the restroom. How bizarre. (Not bizarre because they're in the restroom but simply because we saw them there, of all places. Don't they have their own restroom backstage?) And when we went to a record bar the next day, we saw a CD for sale with songs from Gian and a certain acoustic band. And also, we saw a CD by Ken's boyband being sold for a hundred pesos.

Very important information right there.


Anonymous said...

I know I'm not supposed to ask you this, you being a respectable farmboy and all, but did you, um, sneak a peek at their peckers? Who had the biggest one? Tee hee! :D

-- Kat

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for your amusing blog! Hope you can do a recap of the Nov 5 show

Anonymous said...

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