Stranger things have happened - Justin Guarini

Warning: This is another showbiz post.

First of all, I apologize to my blog friends because obviously, I took down my old template and I lost all my links, and I'm too lazy to get them back up. Now my blog's nothing but a plain/generic blogspot blog no one ever bothers to read. I'm fine with that. I'm not a very flashy person anyway.

I'm acting strange. Again. I've been obsessing with American Idol. Nothing new with that. I'm such an idol dork, I know which idol is rooming with whom. I'm such an Idol freak, give me a song and i'll tell you which Idol from all five seasons sang it. But ever since Idol 5 began, I lost interest in Starstruck, Haha. I caught an episode once and I thought, "I used to watch this?!' But I'm sure I'll be changing my mind come "final judgment." There's a starstruck jargon for you.

I caught that episode while I was on my bus ride home. Strange trivia: If you get on a bus near the Standard Chartered Bank, Ayala Avenue loading area, and the bus TV is showing Extra Challenge, by the time you get to Rustan's, it's already KIM SAM SOON. That's three time slots! Extra Challenge, Encantadia, and Kim Sam Soon. And that whole Ayala stretch, to me, is just walking distance.

I find it strange that a Kris Aquino billboard stands right beside a Borgy Manotoc billboard. Don't they fight at night when all the people have gone to bed. you know, like how the Toy Story toys come alive when no one is watching?

ABS-CBN is so strange. Now they're going to air success stories from Wowowee a la Maala-ala mo kaya. But what's more strange is how they devote all their shows from Magandang umaga Pilipinas up to, I don't know, those very late night current affairs shows, to Rustom's gayness.

And isn't it strange that a newspaper like "The Daily Tribune" (with a circulation of 3, says my Journalism Ethics professor) is still surviving? I'm sure they're all happy now that they're under siege because the president doesn't like what they're writing about her and her family (like Mikey's showbiz career), because, at least, people are finally noticing that they exist.

Strange facts: Sam Bumatay, the Starstruck kid, looks so much like Aiza Seguerra when she was still adored by many moms who want their daughters to be just like her. Kyla, my favorite singer in the whole world, meanwhile looks like Aiza's lesser sidekick, Lady Lee.

"A Final look at Jackie Rice," says the TV right about now. Is she dying?

Strange promos: Colgate wants you to win a makeover from Jay-R and Shaina. Who would want to look like Jay-R? And Shaina?Kidding. Of course Jay-R is still my idol. When i grow up, I'm gonna be just like him. Selling phones and toothpaste. And singing alongside Kyla and Malik and Karylle and Jolens every Sunday. Ibang klaseng fruzhnez. No comment on vaginal wash endorser Shaina. Double Mint wants you to win a date with Piolo, Toni, et. al. And hey there's my favorite loud mouth Marielle too. What't the word?

Kwento lang. Oral Prophylaxis is now officially my favorite medical procedure. Ang saya. I like how the dentist grinds and polishes my teeth scraping off some hard to remove stubborn "things" and showing them to me. Very fulfilling. Nourishes the soul. While she (my dentist) was cleaning my teeth, she said that these things were just right between my teeth and the gingiva and i laughed with all her instruments in my mouth. Gingiva is funny. I want to use it in my everday conversations. Like, "hey, don't laugh so hard! I can see your gingiva."

I'm writing nonsense. Somebody stop me.